Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights Sales

The CX-Energy Difference

CX-Energy is a licensed real estate broker based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in oil and gas sales and leasing services. We do not buy oil and gas rights; rather, we represent owners to get them the highest price per acre through selling or leasing.  Our services will help you quickly and easily convert your oil, gas and mineral rights into cash, or help you to buy hard-to-find oil, gas and mineral rights. CX-Energy will connect sellers with reputable and qualified buyers and connect buyers with highly motivated and committed sellers. Buying or selling oil, gas and mineral rights has never been easier! Landowner Testimonials

CX-Energy can assist you buy or sell

  • Producing oil, gas and minerals rights
  • Non-producing oil, gas and mineral rights (leased or unleased)
  • Farming or hunting land
  • Homes with land
  • Industrial, commercial and investment real estate

Areas of interest

We currently have buyers who are interested in purchasing producing and non-producing oil, gas and mineral rights in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. If you are a mineral rights owner in these areas who would like to pull money from your potential royalties forward now, we can help you.

Oil and gas knowledge is power

Selling oil, gas and mineral rights should be handled with the same honesty, transparency and attention to detail as selling any other real estate. Many offers made to mineral right owners via mail come from companies looking to purchase at the lowest possible price, and it is important to be educated to avoid an unfair offer. CX-Energy educates mineral rights owners and gives them information to make informed decisions. Our licensed agents and landsmen know the market value of oil, gas and minerals in these areas and have tools to provide this education.

Benefits to selling your oil, gas and mineral rights

Selling all or a part of your oil, gas and mineral rights is a viable option if you would like to reinvest money in safer investments, realize tax benefits, streamline your estate planning or diversify your investments. 1031 Exchange Details

Free “Seller Service Package” is included

For your convenience, our seller service package includes – at no additional costs to our seller clients – quality transaction and closing services from local law firm Morascyzk and Polochak, Attorneys at Law. Morascyzk and Polochak (with attorneys licensed in PA, OH, and WV) have extensive experience with closing oil and gas sale and lease transactions having been involved with closing transactions affecting 200,000 acres of oil, gas and mineral rights since 2010. The law firm is on call to assist CX-Energy seller clients in order to ensure that the sale is closed properly and as quickly as possible. The “Seller Service Package” educates oil, gas and mineral rights sellers on the following:

  • The process of selling oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Pricing of oil, gas and mineral rights
  • The do's and don’ts of selling oil, gas and mineral rights
  • Evaluation of legitimate buyers
  • How buyers value oil, gas and mineral rights

Multi-channel marketing approach

We create customized property portfolio using our customized GIS tool that include production data, pipeline infrastructure and a geological narrative to provide a comprehensive overview to get you the best deal possible. Property portfolios are featured in marketing campaigns to over 1,500 qualified buyers, posted on internal and external channels such as Go Marcellus Shale, Pittsburgh Business Times and CX-Energy.com

Contact us for more details: 724-933-1311 or contact@cx-energy.com

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