620.24+/- Net Mineral Acres
Potter County, PA
Galeton, West Branch and Pike Townships

620.27+/- unleased net mineral stretching over Galeton, West Branch and Pike Townships in Potter County, Pennsylvania. Available: oil, gas and mineral rights, land, timber rights. Potential to renew access road and water line agreement with Shell in the near future. The current owner is open to:

  • Leasing the acreage. Open to offers.
  • Selling surface, timber and oil, gas and mineral rights. As a bundle or separately. The bundle price is $4,465,699

Pipeline infrastructure is well built-out in this area. TEPPCO Partners LP has an 8-inch diameter, transmission/trunk line crossing the center of this acreage and UGI Corporation has a 4-inch diameter local distribution line crossing the northern tier of this acreage. Dominion and National Fuel also have pipeline infrastructure in the immediate area.

There is a Tri-Co Rural Electric Line and a gas transmission line crossing this property (line belongs to Enterprises Products, it is line P 40). A water transmission line runs along the access road on the property. The water line is 6', belongs to Shell; they exercised their last 3 year option on the right-of-way in July 2015. If Shell wants to renew, it is open to negotiation next year. There is a stone pit open on the property. The operator has contacted the DEP to learn what needs to be done to retire the site. The stone is good, but the haul road is long and the demand is way down

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Property Agent

  • Bill Smith

Phone Number:
  • Tagline: 620.24+/- Net Mineral Acres
    Potter County, PA
    Galeton, West Branch and Pike Townships 
  • Address: Potter County, PA, USA 
  • State: Pennsylvania 
  • County: Potter County 
  • Township: Galeton Township 
  • Net Mineral Acres: 620.24 
  • Unitized: No 
  • Well/Unit Name: N/A 
  • Lessee Name: N/A 
  • Lease Date: N/A 
  • Primary Term: N/A 
  • Extension Term: N/A 
  • Royalty Rate: N/A 
  • Royalty Type: N/A