Oil and Gas Companies

Save time and money with your lease acquisitions through CX-Energy

CX-Energy helps oil and gas companies to quickly secure substantial lease holdings to enable you to get busy drilling. We deliver producible leaseholds with fair and mutually acceptable lease terms with minimal time and effort. We market committed acres that are ready to transact and all of our services are paid by landowners.

Plenty of inventory

We have plenty of inventory for you to evaluate with more than 540,500 acres of Upper Devonian, Marcellus and Utica/Point Pleasant available in Pennsylvania.

Assisting you evaluate your areas of interest

CX-Energy is ready to assist you evaluate areas of interest by providing information on available acreage including shape files, geology, nearby production, pipeline infrastructure, existing leaseholds and database administration for easy use of asset data.

Facilitating lease and LOI negotiations

Once your offer area is identified, our services include developing a single form of lease/assignment and letter of intent/purchase agreement with you for your offer area. Full information is supplied, highly organized and in a range of formats necessary to generate leases/assignments.

Providing services through project completion

Should you wish to block-out your buy area, CX-Energy has a proven ability to increase the acreage count. We coordinate all aspects of the lease signing event and provide liaison services between you and the landowners including phone support and update mailings. Our professional, full-time team is committed to providing landowner services long after leases are signed. These services include curative work and title and payment status updates to landowners. ***Click Here To Request Additional Information/Shape Files***

Current areas available for lease in the Appalachian Basin

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Beaver County, PA 1,500 Acres

      Cambria County, PA 48,000 Acres

        Clarion County, PA 59,000 Acres

          Crawford County, PA 53,000 Acres

          Erie County, PA 13,000 Acres

              Forest County, PA 12,000 Acres

                Indiana County, PA 21,000 Acres

                  McKean County, PA 86,000 Acres

                  Mercer County, PA 27,000 Acres

                      Potter County, PA 44,000 Acres

                        Somerset County, PA 60,000 Acres

                          Venango County, PA 38,000 Acres

                          Warren County, PA 78,000 Acres

                              Entire Portfolio, PA 540,500 Acres

                              Hilcorp's experience with CX-Energy in leasing the Mt. Jackson landowner group was very positive. The CX-Energy representatives were very professional and delivered on all the commitments they made to Hilcorp.
                              Curtis D. Smith

                              Vice President Land, Hilcorp Energy Company