932.99_/- Net Mineral Acres
Greene County, PA
Monongahela Township

For lease only.  932.99+/- net mineral acres available for lease in Monongahela Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania. These oil, gas a mineral rights are surrounded by strong producing wells that have been drilled by Chevron Appalachia and Energy Corporation of America. Columbia Gas has a 20-inch diameter, transmission/trunk line running to the south of this acreage and a 4-inch diameter transmission/trunk line less than 2 miles east in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Notable Wells:

Chevron Appalachia:
Rejiss: 1 producing well averaging 2.87 MMcf/d
Johnson: 1 producing well averaging 3.31 MMcf/d
Knight: 1 producing well averaging 3.09 MMcf/d
Lanco: 1 producing well averaging 2.78 MMcf/d
Miller: 1 producing well averaging 3.74 MMcf/d
Hart: 1 producing well averaging 2.58 MMcf/d

Energy Corp of America:
Veres: 1 producing well averaging 6.46 MMcf/d
SGL: 1 producing well averaging 6.32 MMcf/d

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    • Tagline: 932.99_/- Net Mineral Acres
      Greene County, PA
      Monongahela Township 
    • Address: Greene County, PA, USA 
    • State: Pennsylvania 
    • County: Greene County 
    • Township: Monongahela 
    • Net Mineral Acres: 932.99 
    • Unitized: N/A 
    • Well/Unit Name: N/A 
    • Lessee Name: N/A 
    • Lease Date: N/A 
    • Primary Term: N/A 
    • Extension Term: N/A 
    • Royalty Rate: N/A 
    • Royalty Type: N/A