846.35+/- Acres Lease Assignments
Carroll, Columbiana, Jefferson Co., OH

Lease Assignments:

846.385+/- acres of leases available for assignment stretching over Columbiana, Jefferson and Carroll County, Ohio.

County and Township acreage breakdown along with parcel numbers is available by request.

CX-Energy can assist your company with building out a drilling position.

Drilling activity in Ohio is heating up!

Latest news:

Carroll County:
Recently EOG Resources shared details on the four-well test pad, Timberwolf CBN 16, which churned out 180,000 bbl of oil in the its first 37 days online, along with 580 MMcf of gas and NGL. The Timberwolf is along the eastern edge of the volatile—oil fairway at its intersection with the wet-gas phase.

EOG Resources has 7 wells permitted at the Shadow pad in Carroll County.

Encino returned to the Williams CR Mon pad (from 2020) and added four wells which made 1.22 MMbbl their first 363 days online or an average of 840 bbl/d per well. Solution gas totaled 6.3 Bcf.

Harrison County:
EOG is working on 7 wells at the Xavier pad—results are expected to be released in March.

Encino's newest pad, Stocker, produced 520,321 bbl from four wells in the their first six months online, beginning in Q2 of 2023. The first 182-days the average per well was 715 bbl/d, or 2,859 bbl/d for the entire four-well pad.

Columbiana County:
As of November 2023, Hilcorp had secured 21 new permits in Columbiana County. Eleven additional permits were issued to deepen existing wells and two more were issued to revise current wells locations.

Encino received eight new permits to drill in Columbiana County.

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    • Tagline: 846.35+/- Acres Lease Assignments
      Carroll, Columbiana, Jefferson Co., OH 
    • Address: Ohio 
    • State: Ohio 
    • County: Jefferson County 
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    • Net Mineral Acres: 846.35+/- 
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