16.48+/- Net Mineral Acres
Marion County, WV
Mannington District

16.48+/- net mineral acres in Mannington District, Marion County, West Virginia. 1/2 a mile east of the Wetzel County/Marion County line. This acreage consists of 2 parcels. One is leased with Antero and the other is leased with Transenergy.

According to DEP plats, Trans Energy Inc. is planning to drill 2 laterals through this property (API 4902366 and 4902367). Plats are available upon request.

EQT Corporation and Columbia have pipeline infrastructure running on both sides of this property


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Property Agent

  • Richard Vickroy

Phone Number:
  • Tagline: 16.48+/- Net Mineral Acres
    Marion County, WV
    Mannington District 
  • Address: West Virginia 
  • State: West Virginia 
  • County: Marion County 
  • Township: Mannington 
  • Net Mineral Acres: 16.48 
  • Unitized: N/A 
  • Well/Unit Name: N/A 
  • Lessee Name: Antero & Transenergy 
  • Lease Date: 4/2-17 and 8/13 
  • Primary Term: 5 Years (both Lessee) 
  • Extension Term: 5 Years (both Lessee) 
  • Royalty Rate: 15% (both Lessee) 
  • Royalty Type: Net (both Lessee)