41.92 Net Mineral Acres
Potter County, PA
Roulette Township

41.92+/‐ unleased net mineral acres in Roulette Township, Potte  r County, Pennsylvania.

This area of Potter County is booming with new UTICA wells. The first UTICA came online in Sweden Township,

Potter County. It is currently averaging 8.34 MMcf/d. New SPUDS and Permits in the area include:

Sweden Valley, Hancock, Reese Hollow, Headwaters—just to name a few.

Seneca Resources found good rock in Cameron County and Shell found the good rock over in Tioga County—now JKLM and Penn General Energy are gearing up in Potter County. Notable Wells:

 JKLM—Sweden Valley: 1 producing well averaging 8.34 MMcf/d

 Shell—Stanley: 1 producing well averaging 14.05 MMcf/d

 Shell—Watkins: 1 producing well averaging 7.11 MMcf/d

 Shell—Sharretts: 1 producing well averaging 4.21 MMcf/d

 Shell—Cruttenden: 1 producing well averaging 9.43 MMcf/d

 Shell—Gee: 1 producing well averaging 14.22 MMcf/d

 Seneca Resources—DCNR: 1 producing well averaging 13.36 MMcf/d

 Cameron County, PA: Seneca Resources—SRC WT 5041: 1 producing well averaging 4.44 MMcf/d

 Cameron County, PA: Seneca Resources—SRC WT 2354: 1 producing well averaging 4.29 MMcf/d

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  • Tagline: 41.92 Net Mineral Acres
    Potter County, PA
    Roulette Township 
  • Address: Potter County, PA 
  • State: Pennsylvania 
  • County: Potter County 
  • Township: Roulette Township 
  • Net Mineral Acres: 41.92 
  • Unitized: No 
  • Well/Unit Name: N/A 
  • Lessee Name: N/A 
  • Lease Date: N/A 
  • Primary Term: N/A 
  • Extension Term: N/A 
  • Royalty Rate: N/A 
  • Royalty Type: N/A 
  • Production Status: N/A