43.3+/- Net Mineral Acres
Washington County, PA
Mt Pleasant Township

This acreage is in the Range Resources Redevelopment Area! Per the latest Range Resources Investor Presentation (April 24, 2023)—over 50% of 2023 activity has been on existing pads. Range Resources is also drilling the Upper and Lower Marcellus layers (See the Willison Samuel Unit).

For Sale: 43.30+/- net mineral acres in Mount Pleasant Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. This acreage is in the Range Resources—LBROS Unit which has been producing since June 2010.

Royalty Income From LBROS:
November 2022: $4,594.54
December 2022: $2,604.78
January 2023: $2,782.05
February 2023: $3,587.13
March 2023: $2,330.23
April 2023: $1,914.97

Lets look at the Range Resources—Mele Unit which is  approximately 2.3 miles to the east of this acreage:

  • Mele 5H—SPUD 2011 / TIL 2012 / averaging .78 MMcf/d / 3,220.53 ft lateral
  • Mele 8H—SPUD 2018 / TIL 2019 / averaging 3.23 MMcf/d / 8,207.08 ft lateral
  • Mele 11H—SPUD 2021/ TIL 2022/ averaging 12.56 MMcf/d / 18,365.27 ft lateral

See the map for additional pads in the immediate area that are being redeveloped.

Range Resources is also working on new pads!

Approximately 6.25 miles south of this acreage in Washington County, Canton Township—Range is working on the Morgan Prigg pad. Several wells were permitted at this site in March 2023. Plats indicate that theses laterals will be just shy of 20k feet.

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    • Tagline: 43.3+/- Net Mineral Acres
      Washington County, PA
      Mt Pleasant Township 
    • Address: Pennsylvania 
    • State: Pennsylvania 
    • County: Washington County 
    • Township: Mt Pleasant 
    • Net Mineral Acres: 43.3+/- 
    • Unitized: Yes 
    • Well/Unit Name: LBROS 
    • Lessee Name: Range Resources 
    • Lease Date: HBP 
    • Primary Term: HBP 
    • Extension Term: HBP 
    • Royalty Rate: 14% 
    • Royalty Type: Net