204.89+/- Net Mineral Acres
Brooke County, WV
Cross Creek District

204.89+/- net mineral acres in Cross Creek District, Brooke County, West Virginia. Southwestern Energy, leased this acreage in November 2017. This acreage is 2 miles west of the PA/WV state line.

Approximately 20 miles northeast of this acreage is the new Royalty Dutch Shell, Petrochemical Complex in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. This complex will house 3 units that will convert ethylene into polyethylene
pellets; a natural gas-fired power plant; a loading dock; and a wastewater plant. Commercial production is
expected to begin early in the next decade.

The map on the front page highlights notable wells in the area with Southwestern and Range Resources being the primary operators.

Drilling Activity Q1—2017:
Southwestern has applied for 7 permits in Brooke County, West Virginia.

Range Resources has SPUD 16 wells across the state line in Smith Township and Robinson Township,
Washington County, Pennsylvania. (10+/- miles from this acreage).



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Property Agent

  • Bill Smith

Phone Number:
  • Tagline: 204.89+/- Net Mineral Acres
    Brooke County, WV
    Cross Creek District 
  • Address: Brooke County, WV, USA 
  • State: West Virginia 
  • County: Brooke County 
  • Township: Cross Creek District 
  • Net Mineral Acres: 204.89+/- 
  • Unitized: N/A 
  • Well/Unit Name: N/A 
  • Lessee Name: N/A 
  • Lease Date: N/A 
  • Primary Term: N/A 
  • Extension Term: N/A 
  • Royalty Rate: N/A 
  • Royalty Type: N/A 
  • Acres for sale: 39.48