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Property Portfolios are featured in email campaigns that are sent to 1,600 qualified buyers, posted on internal and external channels, including the Petroleum Listing Services which is the oil and gas industry’s MLS. 

Licensed Real Estate Agent Ken Hess is ready to help put money in your pocket today! CX-Energy is a licensed real estate broker based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in oil and gas sales and leasing services. We do not buy oil and gas rights; rather, we represent owners to get them the highest price per acre through selling or leasing. We believe that selling or leasing oil, gas and minerals should be handled with the same honesty, transparency and attention to detail as selling any other real estate. We know the market value of oil, gas and minerals in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and have the tools to get our clients a superior deal versus what they can find on their own.
Why Work with CX-Energy? Custom Oil, Gas and Mineral Mapping System We have built an all-encompassing GIS Mapping System that allows us to pull real-time industry information to get you the most money as possible. Our GIS Mapping System Displays:  

  • New permits filed with the state
  • Unit Declarations – outlines of the parcels that will be in a drilling unit
  • Pipeline infrastructure
  • Well production results
  • Leasing details of surrounding parcels
  • Comparable acreage sales

Your property will be featured in an email campaign to our 1,600 qualified buyers, posted on 4 internal channels and several external channels including the Petroleum Listing Services which is the oil and gas industry's MLS. Our services also include quality legal advice and closing services concerning oil, gas & minerals and Real Estate transactions from Morascyzk & Polochak, Attorneys at Law.

The Facts:

  • Yes, you can sell your OGMs and keep your land
  • Yes, you can sell part of your OGMs and keep part of your OGMs
  • Yes, if you have a lease already, and/or are Held By Production, you can sell your OGMs

Selling vs. Holding Oil, Gas & Minerals (OGMs) Owning OGMs is like owning a pension, renting a property, or holding a winning lottery ticket. Option 1 = Lump Sum Payment Sell your OGMs

  • Cash in on your money right now
  • Favorable tax rates
  • Easy estate planning to avoid management headaches
  • Liquidate for other investments

Option 2: = Bonus Payments & Stream of Royalties Holding on to your OGMs

  • Collect your money spread over multiple years
  • Higher tax rates
  • Not all OGMs go into production
  • Unpredictable energy prices
If you are interested in converting all or a portion of your leased or unleased oil & gas rights to cash now, please call us for a no obligation, confidential conversation regarding the value of your oil & gas rights in today's market. Ken Hess Licensed Sales and Leasing Agent C: 412-370-0092 O: 724-933-1311 E: